Lately, I’ve been longing to go back to place I haven’t been in a long time. I don’t remember the town, I don’t remember the name of the camp, and I don’t even really remember my age at the time. I was young – probably early high school, on some sort of church retreat. It was a weekend full of rest in the Lord and sitting face to face with His truth. I woke up early one morning, before the rest of the campers and I went and sat on a concrete stair outside of my cabin with my Bible. The sun was dawning, the grass was dewy, birds were chirping and the fog was settled around the camp.

And Jesus. Just Jesus. So clearly.

Being Still - Switzerland

Jesus was there other days. But this morning was special. The position of my heart was ready to receive, and everything else was quiet – which made Him loud.

I woke up expecting to encounter Him – it didn’t have to do with anyone else. I just wanted Him. And boy, did He show up. Just as refreshing as the crisp morning air was on my skin, His truth refreshed my heart.

Sometimes I get a moment like that these days, but if I’m honest it’s a lot harder.

It’s harder when I’m not at a retreat. It’s harder when I’m older and the day is full of demands I never can fulfill. It’s harder when my email screams for my attention and Jesus…well, He just whispers most of the time.

But oh, how much that whisper brings life. How much that whisper puts email in its place. How much that whisper reminds me that I am loved and He is King – and that King is my father.

Whispers can be hard to hear in a noisy place. But stillness and quietness makes a whisper loud.

I’m learning that maybe the Christian life is a lot less about “sinning less” and a lot more about stilling our heart so we can hear that whisper. So we can learn to trust that whisper. So we can know who our Father truly is. And we can know who He says we truly are.

Sitting with Him lately takes a lot more intention than it did in other seasons of my life. But oh, how His gentle touch of truth and life is all my soul is truly longing for.

There was nothing special with that concrete step outside of the cabin over a decade ago – other than Jesus. And Jesus whispered to me in a messy living room full of unfolded laundry this morning.

Jesus is with me. He is whispering life to my soul. I must only be still.

Lean into that whisper with me.

It’s everything we are looking for.

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