Writing is my passion. And while Jordan Sok Blog is a personal endeavor, mostly for fun, I also happen to write for a variety of companies across multiple industries.

No matter the industry, I’m a firm believer that individuals, companies and organizations should take advantage of blogging and social media using their authentic voice. Consumers today have developed a “BS meter,” meaning they don’t want to just be sold to; they want to know the person or mission behind the brand.

Blogs are the perfect medium to show your target audience what the heartbeat behind your organization or business is.

Maybe that’s why my personal motto is to “Embrace the Awkward,” because truly showcasing your individual or business personality to the world – your “why” – is awkward. But that is exactly the connection people are desperate for.

I love helping people and organizations develop their authentic voice and conveying it in the digital realm.

I also help companies in the more traditional forms of marketing including developing and distributing press releases, media engagement efforts, and brand development.

If you are interested in taking your marketing endeavors to the next level or beginning from scratch, don’t hesitate to contact me! Visit my website here.

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