As many of you have noticed (aka my mom and my friend’s grandmother) I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks. The reason is because I am battling mono. I am awake for a couple hours a day and out of it when I am. BUT, I did push through to come up with a few lessons I’m learning along the way for my avid blog readers…

Mono Girl

I feel I must admit I do not look as cute as this stock photo when I’m sick but I sort of want you to think I do.

Here are 12 Things Mono Has Taught Me:

1. My legs are much heavier than I realize on healthy days. I don’t give myself enough credit for hauling these beasts around.

2. Downton Abbey is the perfect chill show for an illness.

3. Google has an answer for everything. Did you know dogs can’t catch mono? Puppy cuddles are fair game.

4. Brandon does know how to grocery shop.

5. Brandon does know how to feed himself.

6. Brandon does know how to clean up after himself.

7. The dog is allowed in the bed when I’m sick.

8. Brandon sleeps really close to the edge of the bed when I’m sick.

9. When your pet fish dies and you have mono, you cry about it…a lot.

10. Apparently you can take the steroids the doctor gives you and you don’t grow a mustache. At least not immediately.

11. You shouldn’t send emails when you have mono brain. You could spell your own name wrong in the signature line. Call me “Kordan”.

12. You should not announce that your uvula is swollen. It is the thing that hangs down in the back of your throat but apparently no one knows that.

You’re welcome for this life changing blog.

Mic drop.

This blog post is dedicated to the memory of Bruce Sok. Rest in peace, little guy.

Bruce Sok

Photo Credit: My Dork Husband Who Got a Camera For Christmas and Spent an Hour Taking This Photo of a Fish and Calls it “Wildlife Photography”, Brandon Sok.

Any advice for making bed rest, sore throats and headaches more bearable? Comment below.

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