In my short time on earth, I’ve concluded one thing:

If you want to have a full life, you have to embrace the awkward.

Girl in sunIt seems that the most freeing moments in my life happen to be awkward ones.

And no, I’m not referring to the kind of moments when you fall down the stairs at school or you score on the wrong goal during a basketball game (although, I’ve unfortunately had to embrace those awkward moments too).

I mean things like:

Sharing a secret.
Speaking your mind.
Trying something new.
Or chasing a dream.

Why are those things awkward? I think it’s because few people are really doing them. And “awkward” is simply going against the grain. It feels weird. And most of the time, it looks weird to other people.

It’s an uncomfortable feeling to say the least.

But the more I learn to embrace the awkward, rather than try to avoid it, the less uncomfortable it begins to feel.

And now I’m beginning to think maybe a good life should be awkward.

When I decided to Embrace the Awkward…

The mission to “embrace the awkward”  started in my junior year of college. I had been struggling with anxiety since I began school, but I was determined that no one know. I reasoned that people don’t like whiners and it would make me look weak to tell anyone- especially as a Christian.

I finally became such a wreck that my closest friend dragged me into campus counseling. But even there I smiled and acted like life was perfect.

About the third time there, the counselor finally said, “You know, Jordan…you’re great at seeming happy. But you wouldn’t be here if something wasn’t wrong. If you’re hiding something that means it’s in the dark – and that is right where Satan wants it. Simply exposing whatever is going on to the light makes it lose power.”

It made sense. But it seemed weird to express so much emotion to someone – something so personal. But I decided maybe in this one moment, I should embrace the awkward.

So, I spilled.

I was right, it was awkward.

But it was freeing.

And I finally got the help I needed.

Now, almost five years later, the problem is I can’t seem to stop spilling. I seem to always be sharing what’s going on in my mind (overly so).

You know, now that I’m thinking about it, it’s no wonder my husband wanted me to begin a blog. Here I am typing instead of rambling to him.

What changes when you Embrace the Awkward…

When I got used to the idea of sharing things, I realized I no longer had secrets. And that freed me up to be even more awkward. Why fear talking to someone I don’t know or trying something new? Maybe even chasing a dream, like blogging and beginning my own consulting business? What is left to be exposed?

You see, when you don’t fear the awkward anymore, you have the confidence to do uncomfortable things you never could before. And great things usually begin with an uncomfortable, awkward first step.

So what really changes about life when you embrace the awkward?

You live with honesty.
You live boldly.
You live free.

Where the blog comes in…

So welcome to my blog, where I’m all about embracing the awkward.

When you visit me here, you’ll find a mixture of topics surrounding the 20-something Christian life- the good, the bad, and a lot of times the funny. And of course, the awkward.

More than anything, I hope that this blog serves as a breath of fresh air to you, and helps you realize your mess and isn’t any messier than my mess. And I hope that it maybe even gives you the courage to embrace the awkward in your own life, whatever that may mean.

So join me on this quest!

Let’s Embrace the Awkward.


Question: Have you had a time in life when you chose to  “embrace the awkward”? Share below!


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